Chemical Character:

Special Sulpho-esters & Softeners

Analytical Data:

Appearance: Yellowish Viscous Pourable Liquid

Active Ingredients: 60% (+/- -1%)

PH (10% water solution): 6.5% (+/- -0.5%)

Light Fastness: Excellent

Stability: Stable in Natural & Synthetic Organic Tanning Agents

Solubility: Readily Miscible in Water

Shelf Life: 12 Months when stored in cool, dry place away from direct sun light

Special Features:

DOUXOPOL GLV is recommended for very soft and lightweight leather.

D0UXOPOL GLV imparts smooth mellow touch with a full handle.

DOUXOPOL GLV possesses excellent penetration into the leather matrix resulting into core spongy fullness.

DOUXOPOL GLV doesn’t impart any objectionable odour onto the treated leather.

Dosing Method:

The product can be added in the drum preferably after neutralisation above pH 4.8 after dilution in warm water of 50 C in 1:6 products-to-water ratio.


In the Fatiquoring of Cow/Buffalo Wet Blue Hides (Upholstery): -%Based on Shaved Weight, 6% to 18% DOUXOPOL GLV can be added.

In the Fatiquoring of Sheep Skin (Garment): -%Based on Shaved Weight, 6% to 16% DUOXOPOL GLV can be added.